• Top 10 Tested Ways to Get Free Robux in 2019

    As you all know, Roblox is an online single as well as a multiplayer game which is played across the globe. This game has gained everyone’s attention because the users can generate their own games through ‘Roblox Studio’. CEO David Baszucki ensured every parameter of this game to be favorable for the users and because of his immense hard work; this gaming platform has over 64 million active subscribers and monthly users. Thus, you must know how to get Free Robux now with the methods that we have for you.


    Earlier, this game used to work on Roblox points, where the users can purchase various merchandise such as gears, hats, appeal and in-game perks. But, with an introduction of Robux, everything has become simple. Now you can easily purchase any merchandise without any obstructions. But, primarily, you must know what actually a Robux is and how can we avail its benefits?


    Robux – A Virtual Currency


    Robux, stylized as R$, is a virtual currency, which is the sole property of Roblox. It can’t be used anywhere. It was first introduced on May 14, 2007, which came as a replacement for Roblox points. First, it was considered as one of the currency alongside ‘Tix’. But due to some problems, Tix was removed on April 2016. Robux is also known as Roblox’s primary currency, which is usually availed by the community and staff members.

    Roblox is basically a portmanteau of two words “Roblox” and “bucks” (or, bux). All the paid items created by Roblox within the catalog are sold for Robux. There are multiple methods of the Robux in the game such as customizing your characters, upgrading your tools and even unlocking new resources. The entire user-created content like Microtransaction and game passes also follows the same rule.


    Earning Robux


    Earning Robux in Roblox game is quite simple. You might remember the time when our parents used to give us pocket money for our expenses. In a similar way, Robux ensures to nurture each and every user by giving them 5 Robux daily as a log-in reward and 1 Robux per place visit prior with the release of Tix and Builders Club.


    Builders Club


    Builders Club members are the members who receive daily Robux Stipend as their reward. But one must ensure to purchase Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club or Outrageous Builders Club membership to receive these rewards. Now, Builders Club members can earn up to 15 Robux per day.


    Turbo Builders Club members can earn up to 35 Robux per day whereas Outrageous Builders Club members can earn up to 60 Robux per day. Prior to this, if the player purchases the membership for first-time, then they will receive a free 100 Roblox bonus.


    Catalog Sales


    These builders Club members can sell their merchandise such as T-Shirts, Shirts, and Pants to earn a profit of roblox robux. These members can earn up to 70% of the item price (30% marketplace fee). A commission is also provided to those users when someone purchases their gears from their game page.


    Group Earnings


    A group can sell their goods to an individual user. But the fact is that once the transaction is completed, then the Robux earned by the group is deposited into the “Group Funds”. Guess what? This group fund earned by the group is equally distributed amongst the other members.


    How to Get Free Robux in 2019


    There are different approaches by which you can earn free Robux. It is advisable to follow these steps wisely to ensure your chances of getting free Robux. It all depends on the way you perform the tasks given for getting robux free. So, here some methods by which you can earn free Robux:


    Method 1: Buying the Builder Club Membership


    As mentioned earlier, buying the Builder Club Membership plays a very important role in getting Free Robux. Of course, you need to pay for being its member. Once you become its member, then it will be beneficial for you as you will get free Robux for everything. When you purchase an upgrade to Classic Builder Club for $5.95 per month, you will get around 15 free Robux daily.


    Similarly, when you purchase and upgrade to Turbo Membership, which costs around $11.95 per month, you will be given 35 Free Robux. Whereas, the Outrageous membership costs $19.95 monthly where you will earn 60 Free Robux a day. The best part is that an additional 100 Robux is granted to those users who upgrade their membership for the first time. Along with this, there are two more kits- The Starter Kit and The Super Value Kit.


    As, Starter Kit is meant for Builder’s Club Members, In Super Value Kit, you need to pay around $49.95 for 4500 free Robux. Moreover, you will get 1500 free Robux as a bonus if you are an active member of Builders Club.


    Method 2: Developing your own Roblox game


    Developing free games in Roblox is an easy task, unlike others games where there is not even a single option of building your own game. Moreover, they pay you with Robux if people buy its passes. These games passes are a gateway for players to access your game and gives you some special benefits like roblox free robux, popularity, rating and much more.


    However, players require to pay for these passes where 10% of its share directly goes to the creator of the game. You can very well imagine the number of points you will earn by creating one game. More the number of points means more Robux.


    Method 3: Free Robux Courses in Roblox University


    For this, you need to follow the Official Roblox YouTube Channel, where you can learn to develop games and different elements in Roblox. There you will notice a series of videos tagged as “Roblox University”. There you will learn to build every aspect of game, i.e., from designing sword to building a castle and much more.


    After learning these things, one can customize their own merchandise. Now you can sell them on Roblox from where you will Claim Free Robux if someone purchases it.


    Method 4: PointPrizes


    This website is 100% authentic and legal. It’s an online platform which gives you free Robux after performing and completing small tasks. These tasks include filling surveys, signing up email with different companies, etc. After completion of each task, you will be given some points.


    Once you earn enough points, you can exchange them with Robux. You can also download the app and featured games to get an extra Robux. You can earn Robux while referring to your friends. All you necessitate to do is inviting your friend to sign up in PointPrizes. Once signed, you will earn 10% commission of what they earn through the website.


    Method 5: The Builders Club Marketplace


    The Problem with the Premium Builders Club Membership is that it’s very costly. Not everyone could afford the Builders Club Membership. So, the Builder Club Marketplace is a platform where you can get a roblox free robux Simulator, and other cool stuff is not only minimal price but good quality as well.


    Here, with Trade System feature you might be lucky to get some extra Free Robux in the treasure. You can sell your items when someone bids for higher Robux. Moreover, you can set your base price just like in auctions, but it should be a reasonable one. Otherwise, it might remain unsold for a longer time. If any user is eager to purchase your high- value collectibles, always ensure to place a fair price.


    Method 6: Free Robux Exchange Rate


    You might remember Simple Interest rate. Free Robux Exchange Rate is similar to the Simple Interest rate. The increase or decrease in rate happens through the DevEx Program which analyzes the current market price and then it changes the current exchange rate accordingly. So, here are some criteria to become a part of this program:


    • The user must be 13 years or higher.
    • The user must have at least 100K Robux stacked in his/her account.
    • User should be an Existing Member of Roblox Outrageous Builders Club.


    Method 7: EasyRobux


    EasyRobux is another platform where you can claim roblox free robux. All you demand to do is perform some tasks to earn Robux. It’s completely legal, and if you perform the tasks wisely, you will definitely get Robux. The best part is that you can handle the website on your Smartphone, Tablet, and PCs. The website is provided with various offers which you need to complete in order to win free Robux in Roblox.


    They will provide you with the essential details and information regarding the task, and you need to perform that task. The given task may include watching videos, tutorials, downloading applications, programs, and much more. One can claim these points using a dashboard where you can directly tap on ‘Claim now’ button. After that, they will redirect you to the official Roblox website. Once you log in, they will make you join a specific group in the Roblox Forum from where you will be given Robux.


    Method 8: Credit using iTunes


    This method is applicable only for the Apple Users. You can use your iTunes credit to purchase free Robux. All you require to have is an iOS device and a good internet connection.


    You need to perform some simple tasks in order to claim these Robux. Purchasing something from Apple Store might also help you claim these Robux.


    Method 9: Google Play Codes


    Finally, there is a method for Android users to claim free Robux. Google Play Codes might help you to claim free Robux. These rewards will come after performing various tasks such as taking surveys, watching videos or completing tasks.


    Apart from downloading games and apps, you can sign for various newsletters in exchange for roblox robux points or rewards on the App Store.


    Method 10: PrizeRebel


    It is another platform from where you can get free Robux. All you necessitate to do is perform some simple tasks, and interact with other gamers. Apart from this, you need to perform some simple surveys to get free Robux. But first, you need to register on PrizeRebel and then verify your account.


    After that, you entitle to earn free virtual points once you complete any specific task. You can refer your friends via referral in order to get Free Robux. After getting enough Virtual points, one can redeem these points for hundreds of rewards like PayPal, Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards and even Robux.


    Beware! Some Sites Can Cheat You


    While some of the sites are wise enough to offer you free Robux on performing tasks, some of them are so clever that they will give you nothing. Instead, they will try to ransack your money purposely. Some of the sites are just scam, which poses as generators or hacks. Once you perform any task, you redirect to a chain or infinite loops and ad networks, and hence, you misdirect mischievously.


    You might be able to complete one or two surveys just in the hope that you will get free Robux. This isn’t the answer to, “how to get robux free?“. But, the thing is that there are times when you will get confused in these loops, and there you will end up downloading malware or malicious software which can damage your PCs. Also, there could be a chance that these sites steal all your PC information instead of you getting robux for free. It’s advisable not to download the sites which need your permission to access Roblox as they might hack your account and misuse the information you provided in that account. As, there is an old phrase, ” Prevention is better than cure”.


    How to Earn Robux?


    To earn Robux, one must follow these three simple steps. These are as follows:

    i. Purchasing Robux with Cash, Cards and other means: There are different methods through which we can purchase Robux. The user can purchase Robux through the Roblox Mobile App, Roblox official Website and Roblox Card. We can get robux free or can purchase the Roblox Card from the stores available nearby like Wal-Mart, GameStop and many more.


    Though, this facility is only present in some countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc. There is great news for those users who don’t own a credit card and to know how to donate robux to friends. Now they can purchase the gift cards using ‘Rixty’ and then they can use CoinStar machine to change their gift cards into Robux. But, there is one limitation that Rixty works only in the USA.


    Spending Robux


    Spending Robux is very simple. All you need to know is the price of each item in Robux. It’s just like buying some grocery items and knowing its value in money. So, here are the prices of some items in Robux:


    + From 1,000 Robux price, you can change your username.
    + 100 Robux, a user in the premium membership can create their group.
    + From 100 Robux, the user can create a Badge for their game.
    + Users can buy game passes and developer products in the game.
    + They can bid on an advertisement for their games, groups, clothing and so on.
    + They can purchase an item from the catalog using Robux.

    Exchanging Robux

    While exchanging Robux, players were given an opportunity to exchange Tix into Robux and vice-versa. Its value was 1 Robux for every 20 tickets for market orders. But due to the removal of tickets, this exchange policy was shut down on April 14, 2016.


    Active users


    An active user has a huge advantage over other users in terms of getting a free Robux. All they need to do is cross different missions and levels to achieve this target. Daily login will always fetch you some free Robux. Also, one must ensure to try their hands on different games as they often help you in getting free Robux. Also, they should focus more on being actively involved in the game so that they can add some benefit to it.


    While the first two points ensured only buying Robux with money, the last point was the only option which was free for users. As we all know that not all users are interested in buying these rbx, they are bound to compromise with the third option. They spend their endless time while searching for rbx, and eventually get fed up with it. Once they cross each level of the game, its difficulty level also gets increased. So, due to this, it becomes pretty difficult to earn free Robux. So, they start searching for the other alternatives to claim free Robux.


    Facts about Roblox


    Roblox founder and CEO Baszucki said that some of the developers formed their own studio in Roblox and are earning more than $50,000 per month in actual currency which is quite a huge amount. The best thing about Roblox is that it’s almost unhackable and over the years, it’s providing security to each and every user. Roblox is becoming a famous game as per as its dignity is concerned. It’s 100% unbiased for all the users, and they have special rights like forming groups, business, etc.




    Hope this answers your question of how do you get free robux. Free Robux is just like a finding treasure, and the above information is the map which will definitely help you find the treasure. One must not comply with it every time because they will ruin your moments while getting those free Robux. You should give you ample time for playing Roblox games. Though, one can follow the above procedures if they have emptied their Robux as there is a lesser chance of getting free Robux in the game.


    While the majority of sites are fake, some might provide you with free Robux. This article will definitely help you get the free Robux. Please do not try to something which is illegal because Roblox policy is as strict as laws. Your account might close due to illegal acts. “Think before you act” – should be your sole mantra.

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